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Things to do In Zighy Bay Beach

In many destinations, the things to see are things that must be found, hunted out amongst a crowded landscape. The things to see in Zighy Bay don’t require a treasure map. They are all around, completely engulfing you at every second. You won’t miss any of it. With its award-winning spa and timeless Omani hospitality, Zighy Bay quickly allows you to unwind with additional activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and archery.

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Oman takes you on a mesmerizing journey through thousands of years of history. Customisable private tours will reveal a local side to it all, taking you through the mazy souks to a corniche that’s dappled with ancient forts. Drink sweet tea in an elegant cafe, discover markets of fragrant frankincense, and connect with a very untouched culture and lifestyle. If Dubai is the inspiring vision of the future, then Muscat is the equally captivating version of the past.

Private Tour to Six Senses Resort & Spa, Zighy Bay Island

Land in Zighy Bay and the Six Senses Resort & Spa is the first place of interest. This five-star accommodation provides the tranquil heart of a Zighy Bay luxury holiday. Dotted around the peninsula you’ll find a series of inlets, or khors as they’re locally known. These are ideal for marine exploration and taking a boat through untouched nature. And then there’s the beach, a long and private strip of sand that’s probably the most important Zighy Bay place of interest when you’re seeking an escape from the world.


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