Seaplane or Helicopter ? Let’s Find Out


A Seaplane ride is calmer (no noise of the blades), gives you a more scenic view (big windows) and most importantly offers you an amazing water take-off which you cannot experience on a helicopter ride. The prices offered by both tours are comparable. In a nutshell, when deciding between a Seaplane tour and a Helicopter tour, a Seaplane tour wins hands down.

Dubai Seaplane Tour - Seawings Seaplane tours  

Find out for yourself by looking at the comparison chart below:

ParameterSeawings Seaplane ToursHelicopter tours by other operators
Price in AED for an express tour of DubaiAED 940 per personAED 995 -1,250 per person
Price in AED for a full scenic tour of DubaiAED 1,795 per personAED 1,575* – 1,750
Are Road transfers included?YesNo
Tour options available (Duration)20 min, 45 min12 min, 20 min, 50 min
Unique factorWater Take-off & LandingCan hover at one place
Each seat is a window seatYesNo
Landing possible onBoth land and waterOnly on land
Number of landing destinationsAround 25 landing locations in UAELimited locations for take-off and Landing
Customizable routeBespoke itinerary can be curatedLimited options available
Number of seats9
(Suitable for groups)
Cabin experienceQuite / CalmNoisier


We hope that you’ve found the above information helpful. Seawings seaplane tours have been flying in UAE for more than a decade, and offer scenic flights in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and across the Emirates.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team can answer any questions you have about seaplane tours, and can give you plenty of helpful advice for your next visit. If you’d like to learn more about what Seawings, please call us at +97148070708 or email us at You can also call us on our Toll free number: 800 73294647.

Guest Reviews

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Seawings Seaplane Tours

Marvellous experience. Very exciting take off and landing and awesome view of Dubai! Well organised …


Seawings Seaplane Tours

I have lived in Dubai for 7 years and this was unquestionably one of the best things I’ve done. …


Seawings Seaplane Tours

this is the best way to see dubai and if you get a chance must have this experience. its easy and wo…


Seawings Seaplane Tours

Amazing experience ! Excellent hospitality by staff. One who visit dubai, it should be part of th…

vishal s

Seawings Seaplane Tours

Very professional team from arrival to departure. Smooth flight over all the sights and the very bes…


Seawings Seaplane Tours

Truly an unforgettable experience with Seawings, you can not only enjoy the exciting moment of takin…

Ken W

Seawings Seaplane Tours

It was extremely wonderful experienced. Dubai is beautiful city from the ground, but absolutely noth…

Angelina W

Seawings Seaplane Tours

The morning of our seaplane tour started with a surprise: rain! It hardly rains in Dubai, but we man…


Seawings Seaplane Tours

Dubai from above is a must do visit and seawings is a perfect way to do it. Go service. Great experi…


Seawings Seaplane Tours

If I had to share my experience in a nut shell then it would be this “its worth a million, for …

rashid p


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